h.e. demon kakka


H.E Demon Kakka is one of Japan's most famous rock stars and artists. But he's not only a singer and performer extra ordinaire. He's also an actor, author, director, music producer, Sumo commentator, politic commentator and a very treasured guest in Japanese Tv- and Radio shows.

Kakka, as he is called in Japan, started his carrier as the lead singer in the band Seikima-II in 1982. A group of demons masquerading as a rock band. The band name means: "til the end of the century". Seikima-II relessed there first album in 1985 and it became a big success. 23 albums has been relesed (or as they themselves call theme - Scriptures of Doctrine), 27 singles (Chapters of Doctrine) and 24 DVD's (Visual records of Doctrine). In 1999 they declared that they had concored the earth, there mission was completed and the decided to dispand the band.

Black Mass is the name of there concerts and in 2010 they will once again tour the earth celebrating the 25 year aniversary of there arrival to earth and 1st album.

As a solo artist H.E. Demon Kakka has relased 13 albums, 5 DVD's and 5 book's, won the national best all-around-entertainer award. But he also acts in commercials, gives speeches and lectures at universities and companies, guests at Tv-shows, direct movies, write columns, and many more things.

The Japanese tradtional art forms of Kabuki and Noh are very important for H.E. Demon Kakka and he's a big ambassador for these hstorical performance art forms. He also frequently does collaborations with symphony orchestras, like for example the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Grand Illusion guys have been part of H.E. Demon Kakka's team on 4 albums from the Girls Rock series and also on the theme for the Freezer (from Dragonball Kai Tv-series).
Anders has produced, arranged, engineered and played guitar, bass, keyboards on all 4 albums. He also toured in Japan 2008 on the Hakurai Culture Show.
Per sings background vocals on all 4 albums.
Peter sings background vocals on the last two albums.

His Excellency Demon Kakka (human name not revealed)

Date of birth:
98,038 years before Western civilizations calendar began, November tenth.

Assumed human child form in the end of BD30's (early 1960's), at the home of the Coglay Family in Tokyo. Stayed on as their son.

Place of Birth: Downtown Jigoku (A part of Makai.)
A realm reserved for humans who are brought here and punished for disobeying the rules of Makai. A place of terror and suffering for humans. A place of merrymaking and joviality for Akumas.

AKUMA (n.) <ah-koo-ma>
A mystic race of gods occupying the same time-space as the human race. Believed to have been brought into existence by Anthropomorphized Natural Law to enforce the rules of nature. They follow a tenet that considers natural law as an absolute, as opposed to Homo Sapiens, who are seen by Akumas as ignorers and possible destroyers of natural law. Being physically and mentally superior to humans, they are often at odds with the human race. While the human race seems to feel the need to follow their perceived commandments from their god, Akumas only see the protection of nature from the humans as a holy cause.

MAKAI (n.) <mah-kah-ii>
A futuristic (hyper-evolved) dimension where Akumas are born.