peter sundell

At 9 Peter Sundell debuted on National TV. At 11 he chose between five (!) record companies, (and made a bad choice since the president of the record company died of a heart attack while crewing a gig), recorded a single singing and playing one mean saxophone, and at 13 he made another TV appearance, in the biggest show in Sweden at that time. As it seems, Peter was destined to be a child rock star. But things don't always turn out the way they are supposed to. 
Having tried both saxophone and drums, he finally plunged into heavy rock playing guitar in his first band Paradox, later renamed Wulcan (which also featured, then 8-year old Christian Sundell on drums). The band recorded two singles that went unnoticed.

1982 was the year Peter and Anders Rydholm met. Anders liked the sound of Peter's voice so much he recruited him for his (funk) band Mark V. Around this time Peter gained much recognition for his singing and started concentrating on the voice as his instrument. As the AOR-genre exploded in Sweden in the late 80's, several bands, such as Madison and Talk of the Town, contacted Peter, but although he made some auditions, that lead to no further collaborations.

Peter and Christian also had a band called In & Out before Promotion became their first priority in 1997 with the release of the band's debut-album “Not for sale”. 

Peter's outstanding talent as a singer is on display throughout the whole Grand Illusion (and Promotion) catalogue and is obviously a major contribution to the band's sound. He recognizes Steve Walsh of Kansas as the No1 singer, followed by i.e Bill Champlain, Tommy Funderburk and (the sober) Graham Bonnet.

Peter also was a part of the band Decoy together with Torben Enevoldsen. He could also be heared on the album Northen Light.